Your best sourcing partner

A Different Approach

At 3V, we believe good customer service means having a thorough knowledge of the current market trends, a deep knowledge of our products, and being able to help our customers make the best choices for them.

We have extensive, long term experience with our customers developing products from the conception and design phases through product development, production and final shipment. We have developed our know-how and approach through our work with a  geographically and culturally diverse customer base providing us with a great deal of insight.  

Every business begins life as a start-up including our own. We strongly support SMEs and can work with them to help meet their budgets including requiring a modest or at times no MOQ.  

We view our customers as partners and seek to grow with them over time.   


Quality Over Quantity

It’s a simple concept but a very important one. Our experience has been that if you can constantly improve the quality of your product and service you establish the best foundation for a strong partnership with your customers. Thus product quality is always the most important factor in our objective for every project we take on.

Our product development team follows strict guidelines and procedures for product quality and safety while also keeping costs under control at the same time.  

We believe a quality product will always lead to happier and more satisfied customers and longer-term partnerships. We want our customers to come back and we want you to establish a strong brand identity with your end-user customers.


Eco-friendly and reuseable 

We believe in honouring the environment, support our community of supplying recyclable and sustainable products. We source from eco-friendly verified manufacturers.


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